Sparta’s History

Sparta Athletics & Running was founded in the Spring of 1898, when two sports associations from Copenhagen “Idrætsklubben Sparta” and “Østerbros Atletik- og Bokseklub” merged and became “The Athletics- and Boxing Club Sparta”. The intention was to create a united association, but the different branches of sports gradually drifted apart.

In the mid-70s, the club’s members took the consequence and the original Sparta was dissolved into four independent associations. Today, only Sparta Boxing Club and Sparta Athletics and Running remain.

Despite the many structural changes within the club, the athletes of Sparta have been a part of the Danish athletics scene, throughout the years, and they have competed at several international competitions including the European Championships, the World Championships and the Olympics.

A non-profit organization promoting physical activities

Since 1980, Sparta Athletics & Running have been organizing races in Copenhagen and we are currently the biggest race organizers in Denmark. We organize and execute 15 races annually, including: Copenhagen Marathon, CPH Half and The DHL relay, and thereby we have many years of experience. Also, we organize multiple races for companies and congresses.

Sparta Athletics & Running is a non-profit organization that strives to create social cohesion and physical activities through sports. Within the athletics field, we have a close partnership with elementary schools and high schools and take great pride in our popular youth division.

We strive to develop talented athletes capable of competing with the world elite and win Olympic medals for Denmark, and at the same time, we aim to promote exercise in Denmark.