Timing and results

The information found on this page is general for all of Sparta’s races. However, there can be changes, which will be announced on the particular race page.

Bib number pick up

Bib numbers are sent out by postal service approx. one week before race day. If you enter the race after the cut-off date, or for other reasons do not receive your bib number, you must collect your bib number on race day at the info desk.

In conjunction with large races, an expo is held in the days before the race. For these races, bib numbers will NOT be sent, but are to be collected at the bib pick-up.

Registration card

Medbring altid dit startkort ved afhentning af startnummer.

Du kan også fremvise dit startnummer, som du finder i Sparta Løb App’ens deltagerliste eller i nogle tilfælde på tilsendt sms.

Du kan afhente startnumre for andre mod fremvisning af startkort.

Always bring your registration card when collecting your bib number. Alternatively, present your bib number, which will appear from the entry list in the Sparta Løb App.

It is possible to collect another runners’ bib number provided you bring his/her registration card.

Race timing

All bib numbers (provided the race includes timing service) has an integrated timing chip mounted in a foam bar on the back of the bib number. Do not bend the bib number or remove the foam bars, as this will damage the chip.

Your bib number should be mounted visibly on the front of your vest. Safety pins are provided along with the bib number.

Live results and finisher certificates

All race results are available live, allowing spectators to follow participants during the race.

Results are available on sparta.dk and in the Sparta Løb App

The app features a live tracker which allows you to add up to 10 favourites for each race.

Participants can view a printable finisher certificate on the results list.

Split times

For +10 km races there will be split times at every 5 km and for the Telenor Copenhagen Marathon also at 21,0975 km.

Gross / net time

Gross time is the time elapsed from the official race start until you cross the finish line.

Net time is the time elapsed from the time you cross the starting line until you cross the finish line.

The net time is the actual time it takes for a participant to run the distance.

Winners and national championships contestants always compete by gross time, while all other participants compete by net time.

Position yourself at the start

Always position yourself behind the starting line according to your anticipated finish time. In order to secure a smooth start for all runners, we urge you to be realistic in estimating your finish time.

Running with a baby jogger is allowed, provided you place yourself in the back of the field and show attention and appropriate consideration to fellow runners.

Blind or otherwise physically impaired persons are allowed to participate, provided they take the necessary safety precautions. If you wish to bring special equipment to an event, this must be coordinated beforehand with the organizer.