Time and Place
The DHL Stafetten Kbh takes place in Fælledparken in Østerbro from Monday, August 28th, to Friday, September 1st.


Start times

Relay teams start in waves from 18:00 – 18:16.

Bib number Starting time
1 – 250 18:00
251 – 500 18:01
501 – 750 18:02
751 – 1000 18:03
1001 – 1250 18:04
1251 – 1500 18:05
1501 – 1750 18:06
1751 – 2000 18:07
2001 – 2250 18:08
2251 – 2500 18:09
2501 – 2750 18:10
2751 – 3000 18:11
3001 – 3250 18:12
3251 – 3500 18:13
3501 – 3750 18:14
3751 – 18:15

Walk teams start in waves from 18:30 – 19:00:

Bib number Starting time
7001 – 7250 18:30
7251 – 7500 18:35
7501 – 7750 18:40
7751 – 8000 18:45
8001 – 8250 18:50
8251 – 8500 18:55
8501 – 8750 19:00
8751 – 19:05



Both the walking and relay course are 5 kilometers long and wind through and around Fælledparken. The two routes are separate, but both offer plenty of festive entertainment and music to keep you motivated. When you reach the finish line, there are refreshment zones serving water and High5 energy drinks in cups.


Grilling tips
Help reduce grill smoke along the course with these 5 grilling tips:1. Choose grill size as needed and avoid disposable grills.
2. Place the grill behind the tent (at least 3 meters away) or farthest from the running route.
3. Use gas if possible instead of charcoal.
4. Reduce the amount of lighter fluid. Use a grill starter or gas for ignition.
5. Start the grill well before the run begins.


Bib Numbers
All participants in running or walking must wear a visible bib number on their chest. Peel off the back of the bib number and stick it directly onto your shirt. It’s important that the bib number corresponds to the relay you are running. If you’re running multiple legs, wear all bib numbers from the start. All walk bib numbers are marked in red and with a ‘W’.


The depeche
In the envelope sent with your bib numbers, you’ll find a single-use ‘depeche’. It’s made of strong cardboard and should be rolled up. Carry it in your hand while running or walking. The depeche contains a small chip that records your time. Therefore, it’s crucial that the first runner brings the depeche from the start and passes it to the next runners until your team is finished. Since the whole walk team stays together, one participant can carry the depeche from start to finish.


Meal Box pickup
Well before participating in DHL Relay Copenhagen, you’ll receive an email with a meal box voucher in the form of a QR code. Show this voucher when picking up your food and snack boxes on the day of your run or walk. Food and snack boxes can be collected at Sparta’s distribution tent at the entrance to Fælledparken from Øster Allé between 16:30 and 20:00.


Beverage purchase

Each food and snack box contains 5 vouchers for a free round of drinks. Each voucher can be redeemed for a Carlsberg draft beer or a water/soda, or you can use all 5 coupons for a carton of red wine. This takes place at Carlsberg’s bars spread throughout Fælledparken. There’s also a small bar about halfway along the walking route where you can buy beer. If you have purchased ‘1 extra round’ vouchers, they must be collected in Spartas distribution tent, located at the entrance from Øster Allé. At the same tent you can buy extra vouchers.


Recycling Spots

When you need to dispose of your waste, you must use our recycling spots. Here you sort your waste and other items for recycling and reuse. At the Recycling Spots you can sort: hard plastic and food & drinks carton, food waste with packaging, clean cardboard, washable mugs from Carlsbergs bars and residual waste.

At each Recycling Spot you will find a DropZone. Here you leave all other items that don’t fit in the sorting at the Recycle Spot. E.g. styrofoam barrels, plastic boxes, disposable grills, glass, etc.

You can find a Recycling Spot next to all Carlsberg bars in Fælledparken.



You can monitor your live times in the DHL Stafetten Kbh app and on sparta.dk/dhl. Here, you can also see your individual times and your team’s overall time afterward. Runners should note that the total team time includes transition time, while individual running times exclude transition time. If your team’s participant names should appear on the results list, you need to add participant names via your team’s online registration profile. You can do this both before and after you’ve run.


Your depeche is equipped with a small chip that records both your individual running times and the team’s overall time. Therefore, it’s important to carry the depeche from start to finish. Runners pass the depeche to the next person in the exchange zone, while for the walk team, it’s sufficient for one person to carry the depeche, as the group remains together from start to finish.


Team Composition

All teams have selected a team category during registration – either 5 men, 5 women, or mixed M/F. If you haven’t specifically chosen a category, mixed M/F will be automatically selected. If your team’s composition changes, you can update this at any time in your team’s registration profile.


It can be difficult to find parking spaces around Fælledparken. The traffic is dense, and payment is required around the clock.Therefore, we recommend taking the bus, train, or bicycle to Fælledparken. Your Public Transport (DOT) has created a special Event Ticket for the DHL Stafetten, which is valid for buses, trains, and the metro, and can be used for 12 hours.

The prices are:
Small Event Ticket: 30 DKK (Copenhagen city center, zone 1-4)
Large Event Ticket: 60 DKK (Capital area, zone 1-99)

Purchase your Event Ticket for the DHL Stafetten from August 28, 2023, to September 01, 2023, in the DOT Billetter app by clicking the link below. Please note that the Event Ticket can only be purchased in the DOT Billetter app. Therefore, click the link from your phone and have the DOT Billetter app downloaded in advance.
Purchase Event Ticket here.

Metro: If you take the metro, it stops right outside your tent at Trianglen, Vibenhus Runddel, and Poul Henningsens Plads.
S-train: If you’re coming by train or S-train, Nordhavn or Svanemøllen is within 10-15 minutes walking distance.


Parking inside Fælledparken is not allowed. Unloading items for your tent is permitted, but all cars, trailers, and similar vehicles must be out of Fælledparken by 17:00. Remember that driving on the grass or running tracks is strictly prohibited. Use the surrounding parking lots outside the park and make sure to purchase a parking ticket.


About DHL Relay
DHL Stafetten Kbh is a sports event organized by Sparta Atletik & Løb. Every year, more than 3,500 public and private companies come together for a friendly competition, socializing, and culinary enjoyment in the massive tent city illuminated by torchlight. The event is for all your colleagues, whether they’re runners, walkers, or cheerleaders. Choose between walking teams, where the group walks 5 km together, or relay teams where you run 5 km in shifts.