Food and drinks

Food for the day

All teams have the option to choose a free meal or snack box. As something new, you also have the option to decline the meal and snack box if you do not wish to use it, as you have an alternative food solution.

You are always welcome to arrange your own food. Just remember to inform your supplier about the applicable rules regarding transportation and waste handling, etc. Please see below.

However, if you prefer a simpler solution, we have several meal partnerships where you can pre-order a delicious DHL Relay Copenhagen menu, so you don’t have to arrange anything yourself.

Content of the meal box 🥙
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Content of the snack box 🍫
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Other meal partnerships 🌯
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Beverages from Carlsberg

All participants in DHL Stafetten Kbh can quench their thirst with cold draft beer or a soda from the Carlsberg bars set up around the area.

In the bars, you can purchase drinks throughout the evening, redeem your ‘1 free round’ voucher included in the meal and snack box, and redeem any purchased ‘1 extra round’ vouchers.

Our ‘1 extra round’ vouchers make it easy for you to arrange beverages for DHL Stafetten Kbh, and you avoid the hassle of bringing your own drinks or collecting receipts for expenses. Instead, you can pre-purchase vouchers for the entire team or company, which can be easily redeemed for beer and soda.

FAQ: Food and beverages

Meal and snack boxes

  • Your meal or snack box can be picked up at Sparta’s distribution tent at the entrance from Øster Allé between 16:30 and 20:00.

    To receive the meal box, you need to present the meal box voucher that each team will receive before the event.

  • In the meal and snack boxes, there will be 1 x ‘1 free round’ voucher, which can be used for 5 beers/sodas or 1 organic red wine for the team.

    The ‘1 free round’ voucher must be redeemed at the Carlsberg bars.

  • Unclaimed food will be donated to FødevareBanken.

Grill and Catering

  • Yes.

    We encourage the use of gas grills whenever possible and ask that participants show consideration for both runners and spectators.

    If you use a charcoal grill, it should be lit before the relay starts at 18:00. Place the grill behind your tent to avoid grill smoke towards the running route, and be aware that grills and torches should be positioned at least 3 meters away from the tents. Also, note that there may be limited space for additional grills in certain areas of the finishing stretch.

  • Used charcoal must, under no circumstances, be disposed of on the grass.

    Extinguish the coals with water, pack the cold charcoal in bags, and throw them in a waste container. Alternatively, it is allowed to deposit warm charcoal behind tent 5 at the Fælledparken bonfire area near the Pavilion.

  • No, it is only possible to drive on the premises to a very limited extent.



Vouchers and draught beer systems

  • Your ‘1 free round’ voucher is in your meal and/or snack box, which needs to be picked up at the Sparta distribution tent.

    If you have purchased ‘1 extra round’ vouchers, they should be picked up right next to the Sparta distribution tent. Remember to bring your QR code, which you received by email when ordering. You will receive the physical vouchers corresponding to the quantity you have ordered.

  • Yes, you can certainly buy extra vouchers for drinks. This can be done at Sparta’s tent at the entrance from Øster Allé, or you can do it through our website for DHL Relay Copenhagen.

    The more vouchers you buy, the more you save.

    Prices for ‘1 extra round’ vouchers:
    10-50 vouchers: 45 DKK each
    55-100 vouchers: 40 DKK each
    100+ vouchers: 35 DKK each.

  • You can use your ‘1 free round’ voucher and any additionally purchased ‘1 extra round’ vouchers at the Carlsberg bars. One voucher can be redeemed for one beer or one soda.

    You can either redeem all vouchers at once or distribute them to your company, allowing you and your colleagues to collect drinks at the Carlsberg bars on the premises as needed.

  • You are welcome to arrange for a draught beer system yourself and set it up.

    If you prefer not to deal with it, you have the option to purchase ‘1 extra round’ vouchers through us. These vouchers can be easily distributed to your colleagues and redeemed at the Carlsberg bars on the premises.

  • Yes.

    Remember to notify your supplier that they need to bring an extra-long extension cord.