Environment and waste

Sorting and recycling

Every evening during the week of the DHL Stafetten Kbh, up to 30,000 participants enjoy food and drinks in Fælledparken. This results in a significant amount of waste, so all participants are required to sort their waste.

I 2024 we will increase waste sorting and expect everyone to sort waste. In all snack and meal boxes you find 3 colored bags for waste sorting plastic, food and risidual waste. Hand in the bags at one of the 30 Recycling Spots for waste sorting. We have made it easy to get rid of your waste – look behind your tent, you are never far from a Recycling Spot.

At our Recycling Spot you can sort plastic, food and beverage cartons, food waste, clean cardboard, general waste and washable cups from Carlsberg’s bars.

At each Recycling Spot there is also a DropZone where you can leave items that cannot be sorted og thrown out.