Book a tent

Tents are booked separately through Stafettelt at stafet.dk (Dansih site). Stafettelt is responsible for the rental and setup of the tent city, and when ordering a tent, tables and benches are also included.

There is also the option to bring your own tent and set it up in one of the three private tent areas. In these areas, space cannot be reserved in advance.

If you have any questions about tent booking or your tent order, please contact Stafettelt.

Tent Spaces

When the registration and tent booking open in 2024, you can stay updated here on potentially sold out days.

Here we will share information on the days, that still have available tent spaces (tent spaces are booked and managed through Stafettelt).


  • Stafettelt A/S is responsible for everything regarding tent booking and the setup of the tent city. They also provide information on electricity and grills.

    You can contact Stafettelt at: +45 70 22 35 11.

  • Yes.

    Behind all tent blocks, there are boards with the option to access electricity. Remember to bring an extension cord reel (recommended length minimum 40 m) to ensure that you can connect power to your designated area.

  • No.

    Patio heaters and gas heaters are not allowed.

Music, decorations, and marketing

  • Yes, you are allowed to. We kindly request that you consider your neighbors.

  • Yes, you are very welcome to decorate the tent.

  • You are welcome to bring signs, flags, banners, and other decorations for your tent camp.

    However, note that beachflags and similar flags must be placed no further away from your tent than 1 meter.

    Please consider your neighbors and ensure safety with clear escape routes.

  • No.

    Active marketing, sampling, etc., is under no circumstances allowed.

  • There are certain opportunities to advertise in connection with DHL Relay Copenhagen. Write to [email protected] to learn more about your options.