Walk and Relay

Anyone can join

Regardless of whether you’re breaking a sweat or not, you have the opportunity to join the DHL Relay Copenhagen. You can choose between walking and relay teams.

In the relay, each participant on the team runs 5 km in turns, while the walking teams follow together as a group on a 5 km route. Each team can have up to 5 participants, so you just need to figure out if you prefer walking or running.

There is, of course, timing on both types of teams, but in the relay, you get both an individual time and an overall team time. You can easily see your time and position on the DHL Stafetten Kbh App.

Race Numbers and Depeche #️⃣

There are race numbers for all five team members, making it easy to identify that you are on the same team.

Additionally, each team receives depeche, which you must carry to record your time. Walking teams share it collectively, while relay teams have each participant take turns with it.

Remember to roll it correctly to avoid damaging the chip.

Starting and Finish Areas 🏁

The relay starting and finishing area is located at the Transition Zone. It is divided into starting booths based on race numbers intervals. The transition zone is also where you pass the depeche to the next team member.

Walking teams have their own separate starting and finishing area, where everyone starts and finishes together.

Start Times ⏱️

The relay teams kick off at 18:00, with the first starting group (race numbers 1-250) setting off. After this, the following starting groups are sent off with one-minute intervals.

Walking teams start at 18:30 with 10-minute intervals for each starting group. All five participants on a walking team start simultaneously and finish together.