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Information about the CAG event

We are looking very much forward to this evening and hope you do as well 👏🏻

On this page you will find relevant information about the CAG event. Cant find the relevant information you are looking for? Please contact Charlotte Beiter Bomme at [email protected].

If you have any relatives with you, remember that they have to register as an audience.

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Get your bib ℹ️

Athletes staying at the official hotel will receive their competition bibs at the check-in or at the athlete information desk at Østerbro Stadium.

All the other athletes shall collect their bibs at the athlete information desk at Østerbro Stadium at least 60 minutes before the start.

When to be ready ❓

Call room (entering/leaving infield): All athletes need to meet in the call room in the Sparta Indoor track facility in order to enter the stadium.

Running events: At latest 20 minutes before the start.

Pole Vault: At latest 45 minutes before the start.

All other field events: At latest 30 minutes before the start.

2023 prize money structure 💵

See the prize money structure here.

All refunds and payment of prize, travel money, bonuses etc., will be arranged through the manager or athlete. Information about bank accounts should be given per email to [email protected], after which payment will take place. Please send information before 1st of August 2023.


Find your way around Østerbro Stadium on the map 🏟️

Information for athletes

  • Warm up shall take place in the Mini Stadium next to the stadium, the park surrounding it (Fælledparken) or in the Sparta Indoor track facility – please see the map.

  • Shoe declaration form can be found here.

    In the Call Room the officials will check the following in accordance with World Athletics Rules: Competition Bibs Shoes and Spikes.

    Click the link below and read all about the shoe rules at CAG.

  • Video cameras, tape recorders, radios, CD players, radio transmitters, MP3/MP4, cell phones or similar devices will not be permitted in the infield.

  • All athletes participating in track events should leave the stadium through the mixed zone immediately after the finish line. Athletes competing in field events will be escorted away by an official.

Information for coaches

  • All personal coaches need to register for accreditation here on Wednesday the 15th at latest.

  • Each athlete is allowed a minimum of two practice trials under the supervision of the officials, more if time allows. Once the practice trials are finished, the participants will be asked to stand in the order of the competition for the presentation.

    All participating athletes have the right to 3 attempts. After 3 rounds the 8 athletes with the best result, will have the right to 3 more attempts. After 3 rounds the order will be ranked by the result from the first 3 rounds where the athlete with the best result will be the last to have the attempt.

  • The Danish Anti Doping Agency will be present at the meeting. In case you need to contact the doping authorities e.g. for a national record please contact The Danish Anti Doping Agency.

General information

  • Will have to be submitted to the information desk (see map) no later than 60 minutes before competition starts in the event

  • W+M 100m/two heats: 3 fastest athletes from each heat (Q) + 2 fastest times (q) will advance to final

    W+M 200m/one final: direct final

    W 100m hurdles/ two heats: 3 fastest athletes from each heat (Q) + 2 fastest times (q) will advance to final

    Other track events will run in one direct final.

  • Will be available from 17.00 (see map).

  • Limited access (see map) – but will be available from 16.00.


Roster Athletics

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Østerbro Stadium
Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 11
2100 København Ø


Charlotte Beiter Bomme
Competition director
+ 45 21 27 07 48
[email protected]


Christian Friis
Athlete Liaison
+ 45 31 32 86 85
[email protected]